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We'll be pleased to welcome your visit to our warm and comfortable offices. Cochran Funeral Home was designed to be unlike any funeral home you've ever seen; it's truly a one-of-a-kind place. We invite you to come in and see for yourself how we're revolutionizing the way you think about funeral service.

Hiawassee Chapel
Hiawassee Chapel: Main Lobby
Hiawassee Chapel: Lounge
Hiawassee Chapel: Visitation Room
Hiawassee Chapel: Chapel
Cochran Funeral Home of Hiawassee
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Extensive parking area to accommodate all of your guests
Visitation held in a comfortable living room setting
Our Traditional Chapel equipped with premium sound and the ability to record the service and share it with those who could not attend.
Main Lobby
Front Lobby
Cochran Funeral Home & Crematory of Blairsville
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Murphy Chapel
Murphy Chapel: Main Lobby
Murphy Chapel: Visitation Area
Murphy Chapel: Chapel
Cochran Funeral Home of Murphy
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McCaysville Chapel
	McCaysville Chapel: Main Lobby
McCaysville Chapel: Coffee Lounge
	McCaysville Chapel: Lounge
McCaysville Chapel: Visitation Room
McCaysville Chapel: Chapel
Finch-Cochran Funeral Home
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	Blue Ridge Chapel
	Blue Ridge Chapel: Main Lobby
	Blue Ridge Chapel: Lounge
Blue Ridge Chapel: Visitation Room
Henry-Cochran Funeral Home
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Union Memory Gardens Cemetery
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