Cremations and Funeral Homes: The Best Options in Andrews, NC

Andrews, NC Funeral Home & Cremations

Where should you turn if you need to plan a funeral or cremation for someone that you love? It is a big responsibility to face this task. But, you can rest easy if you have a good funeral home to help with the services. If you live in Andrews, NC or the nearby areas, then you need to call our team here at Cochran Funeral Homes.

We believe that every person should be treated with top-notch care and respect. So, we will listen to your desires to ensure the details are perfect. Instead of creating the same funeral plan for every family, we listen to your needs and adjust the funeral plan to match. Learn about our funeral home, and you will see that we are one of the leading companies in the industry.

These services include everything that you need for a traditional funeral, such as embalming, a viewing, casket and urn selections, a funeral or memorial, graveside services, and more. Or, you can choose alternative services, such as cremation, a celebration of life, or anything else that will match the needs of your family.

Designing the Details for a Perfect Funeral

It often seems like there is an endless list of decisions that need to be made when planning a funeral. Not only do you need to decide how the body will be laid to rest, but you also need to organize the program for the memorial or funeral. These details will create a day that will be remembered by family and friends.

Don’t assume that a cookie-cutter approach is right for your family. Instead, look for ways that you can customize the day to create a beautiful experience for everyone in attendance. There are many options to ensure that you can honor the person you have lost.

When you are working with Cochran Funeral Homes, you can spend time with the other family members while our team pays attention to the details. We have many years of experience in the funeral home industry, offering the best solutions to improve the results for your family. Whether you want to follow a traditional plan or you are looking for something unique, we are here to assist!

Should You Schedule Cremation?

Sometimes, cremation is a great fit for the needs of the family. But, there are other instances where people prefer a traditional burial instead. So, you need to consider the wishes of the deceased and also the unique requests of the remaining family members.

Cremation can be an excellent solution if you are looking for a way to save money. It is cheaper to have the body cremated than it is to pay for embalming, a casket, and a cemetery plot. Cremation allows more flexibility with the plan. For example, you can have a funeral and viewing, followed by a cremation and scattering if you prefer. Or, you can skip the big funeral and have a small, intimate gathering with close friends and family members.

If you choose cremation, then we promise that everything will be handled with care and respect. Cochran Funeral Homes has two locations with crematoriums. This on-site cremation allows us to oversee every step of the cremation to make sure the person is treated in the best way. We always use the person’s name, instead of assigning a number to the cremation.

After it is complete, the ashes can be stored in your choice of urn or holding container. Then, you can decide if the ashes should be memorialized in a permanent fixture. Or, you can scatter these ashes in a flower garden, vacation destination, or anywhere else that makes sense for your family.

Comparing Funeral Homes and Cremations in the Area

Keep in mind that many funeral homes outsource their cremations. Most companies don’t have crematoriums, which means that they need to hire another complete to complete the actual cremation. Most families feel more comfortable when they choose a company that offers the full-service cremation, to ensure the care and keeping of the body.

We follow the local laws and have custom standards to hold our team to a higher set of requirements. Caring for our customers is our highest priority. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with the services that are available.

As you are comparing funeral homes, you can take time to visit the locations and learn more about the services that are offered. Then, choose a company that matches your preferences for the services.

Is it time for more information so that you can plan an upcoming funeral? Talk to us at Cochran Funeral Homes to learn about the services that are available in Andrews, NC. You are welcome to visit one of our locations at 3911 Appalachian Highway, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Or call if you need to schedule a consultation: (706) 632-5968