Cremation and Funeral Home Choices in Blue Ridge, GA

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When you are planning a funeral or cremation, it is time to explore the options to create a beautiful day for your family. Designing your funeral is more than just working through the logistics. You need to consider the wishes of the deceased and how the funeral can be created to honor their memory. If you are looking for a funeral home in Blue Ridge, GA, then Cochran Funeral Homes is here to assist with your upcoming event.

We understand that families have unique preferences regarding the schedule and details for a funeral or cremation. Instead of sticking to a cookie-cutter approach, we dedicate the time that is needed to understand your preferences. Not only will we have an initial consultation, but our team is always here to listen to your concerns and provide recommendations.

Honoring the Person You Have Lost

A funeral or memorial often has two purposes. First, it is a chance for family members and friends to offer their final wishes. Second, it is a time when you can honor the life of the deceased. The closure comes for many people when they can honor the unique personality and successes of the deceased. So, a memorial or funeral is a great place where people can work through these emotions.

As you are planning the funeral, consider the individuality and personality of the person you have lost. There might be unique details in their life path that can be woven into the services. Showcasing these details affirm the relationships that were shared, helping everyone to heal from the loss.

People often agree that relationships are the most cherished possessions in life. Look for ways that you can celebrate the bond that was shared together. The funeral plan can be designed to offer a beautiful tribe and lasting memory of your family member.

Should You Have a Funeral or Memorial?

Some families find it easier to skip the funeral and have a quiet ceremony with immediate family members. It might seem like a good solution to avoid the cost of the funeral, but many grief experts suggest that the ceremony is an essential part of the healing process.

Just because you are having a funeral, doesn’t mean that it needs to be an uncomfortable experience for attendees. You can design the day in a way that will be welcoming and inviting to everyone in attendance. There are times when people prefer to have a memorial service on-location before the scattering of the ashes. Or, you can plan the ceremony in a backyard, church, or park.

Our team will respect your decision if you choose to skip the funeral. We can also support your wishes to have an alternative ceremony in any location that you desire. Our goal is to cater the funeral services to match your requests. We offer everything from direct cremation to a full funeral and cemetery burial. We can also help with long-term memorial sites, remembrance videos, and more.

Respectful Cremation Services

All crematoriums are required to abide by the local law for cremation. We have taken these standards to a higher level, to ensure utmost respect and care in this process. Our accountability and transparency ensure that your loved one will be cared for in the best way.

Many funeral homes outsource cremations. Here at Cochran Funeral Homes, we have an in-house crematorium to ensure that we can oversee every step of the process. We have operated our crematory in Blairsville since 1993 and then added a second crematorium at our McCaysville location.

When we are completing the cremation, the deceased is always identified by a name instead of just a number. We have a unique system to provide unparalleled levels of respect and love before, during, and after the cremation.

Cremation options include:

· Public or private visitations

· Funeral services

· Memorial services

· Graveside service (if the ashes will be buried)

· On location gathering, in the mountains or any destination of your choice

The choice is up to you: compare the options for direct cremation, or a cremation paired with full visitation and funeral services. Consider making it a special event with a balloon release by all of the attendees.

Customizing Your Funeral Experience

If you choose a full, traditional burial, then we can assist with the casket, cemetery, graveside services, viewing, and more. We believe that every family should have the option to customize the funeral services. So, we listen to your wishes to be sure that everything will go according to plan.

Is it time to plan a funeral? These services are available for immediate funeral planning. Or, you might pre-plan the event to reduce the stress on your family after you are gone. We can accommodate your needs in any way! Talk to our experienced team here at Cochran Funeral Homes. Stop by to visit us at 3911 Appalachian Highway, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Or call to schedule a consultation: (706) 632-5968