Things to Consider When Planning Cremations and Funeral Services in McCaysville, GA

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Planning a funeral is often more involved than people expect. Not only do you need to choose a funeral home in McCaysville, GA, but you need to work through a long list of options that are available for the services. Some families start the process, and then quickly realize that they can’t get it all done in time.

But, remember that you don’t have to carry the responsibility by yourself! Instead, you can lean on the services of an experienced funeral home in the area. Here at Cochran Funeral Homes, we offer everything that you need. As you learn more about your services, you will see that we can handle traditional funerals, as well as cremations and more.

What is Included in Funeral Services?

Some funeral homes offer package options that include the main funeral services. These bundles often include things such as a viewing, embalming, funeral services, transportation for the body, graveside memorial and more. But, the prices can vary depending on the type of casket you choose, the location of the burial site, and other options that are added to the basic funeral plan.

As you customize the funeral, you can manage the expenses of the event. Consider your budget, but don’t overlook the importance of planning a memorable day for the family. This funeral is a time when you can show respect by paying tribute to the unique personality and successes of the deceased. People don’t regret the extra things that are done to improve the experience for attendees.

Even though direct cremation or burial is an option, we often suggest that you consider alternative options. Grief experts have found that a ceremony is one of the best ways to grieve the loss and find closure in the situation. You can design a funeral that is unique or different, such as a celebration of life in the mountains. Or, keep it simple with a basic backyard ceremony for close family and friends.

On-Site Crematorium

One of the benefits of choosing Cochran Funeral Homes is that we offer an on-site crematorium in McCaysville, GA. Most funeral homes outsource the cremation by sending the body to another company. It takes a lot of work and the right certifications to complete the cremation legally. We want to provide our customers with the best services that are available. So, we have our crematorium to ensure that we can oversee every step of the process.

Some families have specific ceremonies or traditions that they want to be implemented with the cremation. Since we are doing the cremation at our location, we can accommodate these requests. Talk to us to learn more about the options that are available for an upcoming cremation.

Can You Have a Funeral with a Cremation?

Just because you choose cremation, doesn’t mean that you need to skip the funeral or graveside services. In fact, cremation expands your options for the final resting place. The only things that cremation changes are where and how the body is laid to rest. For example, if you want a traditional funeral and cemetery burial, then it can be planned according to tradition. But, instead of having a casket with the body, the urn is placed in the ground and buried.

If you don’t want a formal funeral, then you might choose a different ceremony that matches the requests of the deceased. One option is to have a gathering when it is time to scatter the ashes. Friends and family can meet together at any location that you choose. A favorite vacation destination can be a great spot to scatter the ashes. Then, everyone can return to the location if they want to share memories of the deceased in the future.

Pre-Planning to Reduce Funeral Stress

Everyone will agree that a funeral can be a stressful experience for all family members. If nothing is planned, then the funeral arrangements are left to the survivors. Not only do the family members need to process the grief and loss, but they also need to work through the logistics of planning the event.

You can minimize the stress by designing your funeral in advance. We offer a convenient online tool that you can use to pre-plan your funeral arrangements. This process can be used at any time to ensure that everything matches your preferences. Then, your family won’t need to carry the burden of planning a funeral after you are gone.

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It is important that you have a supporting team when you are planning an upcoming funeral. You don’t need to carry the responsibility by yourself. Call Cochran Funeral Homes to learn about the ways that we can help with your upcoming funeral services or cremations. Visit one of our locations: 3911 Appalachian Highway, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Or, call to learn more about the ways that we can help: (706) 632-5968