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It is a challenging situation to plan a funeral for a family member. Not only are you processing the grief, but you are also facing the difficulty of creating a tribute to remember the life that has been lost. How do you create a day that allows friends and family members to share their thoughts and memories? One foundational decision is choosing the right funeral home in Murphy, NC.

You deserve to work with a caring team that understands the situation and can offer personalized recommendations. Instead of creating a cookie-cutter funeral or memorial, we encourage families to customize the process. You have the freedom and flexibility to design a day that will show the respect and honor that the deceased deserves.

You can’t go back and do it over again. So, don’t make the mistake of cutting corners or sacrificing some of the funeral details that are most important to your family. Instead, talk to our team to learn about the many options that are available.

Full Memorial and Funeral Home Services

Instead of stressing over the details, you can focus on your family while our experienced staff works behind the scenes. We know the essential steps that will make it a perfect day. So, we will work hard to create a good experience for your family. This funeral is more than just a final goodbye. It can be designed to be a healing experience, helping people process the grief and strengthen remaining relationships.

Too often, families don’t realize the importance of the ceremony for a funeral. It can be a mistake to skip the funeral or do a direct cremation without a memorial. Every situation is unique, so we encourage you to consider the needs of your family. There are times when a basic funeral might be appropriate. But, don’t rush into the decision without considering the consequences of this choice.

We make it simple for your family because our team provides the full range of funeral home services that you need. Not only can you select basic funeral options, but you can also consider alternatives. For example, some families prefer cremation over a traditional burial. Cremation opens up the possibilities, allowing you to create a plan that caters to the needs of your family.

Is Cremation a Good Choice for Your Family?

Why would you consider cremation instead of a traditional funeral? Here are some of the benefits that are available for cremation:

· Price of the Funeral: Cost is a real concern for many people. It can be expensive to pay for the funeral services, especially if you don’t have an insurance policy to cover the expenses. Instead of paying for a casket and burial plot, consider using that money for a nicer funeral service. Cremation is a cheap solution that will help you expand your budget.

· Flexibility for the Family: How much flexibility do you need for the funeral plan? A traditional burial requires that the body is placed in a cemetery or place that is dedicated as a burial ground. On the other hand, cremated ashes can be kept in any place that you desire. So, you can choose the final resting place to memorialize the person that you love.

· Religion or Family Tradition: Some families carry religious beliefs or traditions that are based on cremation as the final placement of the body. We are happy to cater to your religious or traditional preferences.

Cremation isn’t the right solution for every family. But, we make these options available if you think that it is a good solution for your needs.

Advanced Funeral Planning

Don’t leave your family with the burden of planning a funeral. If you know that a funeral will be needed, then you can reduce the stress by arranging the details in advance. We are happy to offer pre-planning services to ensure that your desires and wishes are met.

We believe that pre-planning is a natural part of life. You can make the difficult decisions in a calm atmosphere, instead of leaving the decisions to the family in a stressful situation. We offer an online process that makes it easy to plan your services. Or, you are welcome to contact us anytime to schedule a consultation.

This process gives people the peace of mind to know that the funeral services will match your desires. You can enjoy the remainder of your life with the peace of mind to know that you are prepared to say goodbye when the time comes.

Leading Funeral Services in Murphy, NC

Whether you are scheduling an unexpected funeral or you want to plan ahead, right now is a great time to contact our company. We provide the full funeral services that you need, including cremation. Call Cochran Funeral Homes to schedule a consultation. You can visit our funeral home at 4334 E U.S. Highway 64 Alt, Murphy, NC 28906, USA. Or call to learn more: (828) 837-9599