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Who should you call if you are facing the daunting task of planning a funeral for a family member? The best thing that you can do is contact an experienced funeral home in Young Harris, GA as soon as possible. These services are designed to support your needs every step of the way.

At Cochran Funeral Homes, we know that funeral planning can be a challenging situation. Our goal is to offer the full-service solutions that you need so that you don’t have the carry the stress of managing everything by yourself. We have been in this industry for a long time, which means that we can offer the best services to ensure that your needs are met.

Working Through the Options

Choosing the funeral home is the first step. Then, you need to consider the different services that are offered in the industry. We have everything that you can imagine: caskets, urns, embalming, viewing or visitation, funeral, and cremations. Our goal is to guide you through the process of planning an event that will be perfect for your family.

We always offer the listening ear that you need during this time. Additionally, we will work through the details and ask the right questions. This information is critical to help us design a plan that coincides with your preferences. You can relax knowing that your family is in good hands when you are working with our team.

You can select a standard burial and funeral, including the graveside service and visitation if preferred. Or, some families want to keep it simple with a direct burial or cremation. We have found that a ceremony is important to help with the healing and grieving process. This ceremony can always be adjusted to match the needs of your family.

For example, you might skip the funeral home memorial and choose an outdoor location instead. If the deceased loved spending time outside, then it might be fitting to have their memorial in a location that they loved.

Cremation and the Final Resting Place

What are the differences if you choose cremation instead of a traditional burial? You have the freedom to design a cremation plan that will accommodate your preferences. Some families want to stick with a traditional funeral, and then the ashes are buried in a cemetery where a headstone can be placed. This solution provides a good mix of tradition and modern options.

In other circumstances, the ashes are distributed among family members. Then, each family member can choose to scatter the ashes or keep the urn as a memorial at home.

It is common for someone to request a cremation after they are gone. This decision might be made to minimize the cost of the funeral services and burial. Or, cremation could be a good idea to accommodate religious beliefs or personal preferences. If the deceased requested cremation, then it is important that you respect those wishes with the right ceremony.

Why Do You Need an On-Site Crematorium?

Talk to most funeral homes in the area, and they will tell you that they offer cremation services. What most customers don’t know is that these services are often outsourced by the funeral home. Many of these companies don’t have the on-site crematorium to complete the service. So, it is necessary to send the body to an off-site location. Then, the ashes are returned.

Some families are fine with this process. But, other families are worried about the level of respect that will be maintained every step of the way. We want to ease your concerns. So, we offer an on-site crematorium at two of our locations. Having the tools and equipment on our property ensures that we can observe every step from the beginning to end.

Pre-Planning is a Great Choice

How do you feel about the stress that can be left on the family after you are gone? When someone passes away, it can be a challenge for the family to agree on the best funeral services. This stressful situation can be a lot to manage on top of the emotions of grief and loss.

Instead of leaving the stress on your family, you can be proactive to plan your funeral while you are alive. Pre-planning is easy with the online tool that we offer. Set up a password-protected account to maintain privacy. Then, you can re-visit the information as often as necessary to ensure that the details match your desires.

Pre-planning gives you the peace of mind to know that your affairs will be handled after you are gone. Plus, you will be happy to know that your wishes will be honored in the way the funeral is designed.

Do you need more information? If you live in Young Harris, GA, then you need to talk to us at Cochran Funeral Homes. Come to our funeral home at 3911 Appalachian Highway, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Or, call anytime if you have questions: (706) 632-5968